The Reckless Rifter

About Clown Punchers.

About BOZO

  • Exclusively PVP corp, specializing in small-gang warfare
  • 0.0 only – no ransoming, no negotiating. We shoot, you die.
  • NBSI policy
  • 250-member cap
  • No POS crap to suck away time and resources
  • No cap-ship lagfests
  • No mining crap
  • Very few blues – fewer allies means more targets
  • Best logistics and insurance for an alliance of this size
  • Most organized fleets and battle coms around

BOZO Requirements:

  • Must be at least 25 years of age
  • Must be able to fly T2-fitted Battleships, HACS, Recons, Battlecruisers
  • Must not sound like an annoying douchebag on coms (Ventrilo)
  • Must have working mic (headset strongly preferred to speakers)
  • Must love killing and smacktalk
  • Must be able to Follow Fucking Orders©

Go here to find out how to become a BOZO.


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