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January 14, 2010, 08:10
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So you see our smack in local, and think you’re so far above it? You think we’re infantile and immature? You think we’re a corp full of giggling retards?

Well why don’t you prove how smart you are by submitting a limerick for our Valentine’s Day edition of BOZOKast, you pseudo-intellectual asshole! Submissions will be read aloud by a special, sexy-voiced female guest, and there IS a prize involved, for all you “what’s in it for me” types.

If you don’t know what a limerick is, you’re fucking retarded. Put us in our places with your witty verses, or shut the fuck up. This is a great way to feel superior to us, even if you’ve had your dicks stomped by us in PVP on numerous occasions!

Submit now, faggots!


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LOL I love everything about this blog.

Comment by Mynxee

Sweet, Mynxee-approved!

Comment by Jel Malar

what like?

A dubious -10 flew through Yulai
To visit a sister close by,
Who said, with a grin,
As he ushered him in:
“Hello, dude! You’re fucked! How am I?”

I’m terrible at lymerics. And i hate concord systems

Comment by hulkageddon

Tja, das Leben kann so einfach sein, mann muss nur glück haben.

Comment by roulette trick

There once was a young Bozo bimbo
Who said “I’ve a minge like a thimble”
We said “what a liar!”
“Your pants are on fire”
She said “at least my tongue’s very nimble”

❤ the podcast, might think about joining once I stop sucking.

Comment by Stabs

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